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After falling in love with what Islabikes have done for my older kids' riding, I wanted an Islabike Cnoc 14" with hand brakes and freewheel for my 3 year old. The U.S. version is required by U.S. laws to have a coaster brake, but the UK version has freewheel. The Cnoc 14 is ~2 lbs lighter than the Spawn Furi, so I set out to get my hands on a UK Cnoc 14.

I happened to have a long layover in London on the way home from a business trip last fall and took advantage of the situation. I arranged for a London-based friend to buy the Cnoc 14 for me, and picked it up from him. British Airways is nice enough to not charge any fees for checking bikes as luggage, so we now have a UK-version Cnoc 14 home in the U.S.


UK Islabike Cnoc 14 self-imported to U.S.-cnoc14_uk.jpg