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    Twins: Trailer vs 2 seats

    I have a 6 year old and we've been riding a Salsa Powderkeg tandem. Twins arrived over the winter, and I've been planning on getting a trailer (Burley Honey Bee) for them so we can ride 4 deep, and am now having second thoughts.

    Is adding a front AND rear seat (like the Yepps) a completely crazy idea? If it was for one kid, pretty sure I'd go with the front seat, twins made me resign to the trailer...

    Loading and unloading could be cumbersome, but once in, I think it would be better?


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    The front seat is a really awkward solution to the problem. I did use one, in addition to a rear seat, for commuting to/from school, over short distances.

    The front seat almost always degrade your position on the bike: your knees will be bent outwards, you may have to lower your saddle, your stirring will become weird.

    Compared to every solution attached to the rear of the bike, it's a poor choise, with one real advantage: it's compact.

    But you have a tandem, so getting easily into an elevator probably doesn't concern you...

    If you can handle the logistics of a double trailer, that's the best solution. And kids love it (I have a Chariot single trailer)

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