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    trailer bike questions

    Sometimes I feel very out-manned being that I am the only person in my family (siblings, aunt, uncles, cousins etc) that enjoy cycling or even hiking. I do not want this for my kid and I hope to help him find a love for cycling and nature. He will be 18 months when "cycling season" starts up again and I would like to get him outside.

    The following is a repost from my local site. The trails/paths mentioned are extremely flat and mostly wide. They have very few roots and no rocks...

    Bike trailers (for kids): My plans is to buy something durable enough to take on dirt paths such as the path from Babylon Park to Belmont Lake and maybe trails like edgewood, San Soucci and the RP Family.

    The WeeHoo iGo was recommended by another rider and I love the general idea of it. It seems to be very practical and will allow him to pedal along when he can. I am though worried about the "openness" and if my bike will shoot dirt at him as we ride.

    The Burly Bee has great reviews - although pricey compared to other models and I'm worried about him growing out of it too quick or it becoming too boring (maybe?)

    Then there is the InSTEP and similar models that look very much like the Burly for fractions of the price. I am not looking to skimp on quality, but not going to pay JUST for a name.

    Well, in attempt to shorten my long winded ways - whatchya'll think?

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    trailer bike questions

    If you want a trailer that you can take beyond anything other than smooth trails, look at the Chariot CX trailers. Their leaf spring suspension is the only real suspension you will find in a kids trailer. If you want to stick to roads and bike paths there are a bunch of other options. Overall design and quality of build is significantly better in the Chariots though. They're spendy, but they hold their value for resale, and in this case you really do get what you pay for.
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    Start by looking for a higher quality used trailer on Craigslist. Keep in mind that Burley/Chariot hold their value well versus the INSTEPs of the world when you go to sell it. I have a Burley that's 9 years old; it's seen a fair share of miles, but there's nothing wrong with it.

    Check out this thread, which has a lot of info: Trailers: Chariot/Burley vs everything else

    I pulled my older son in a Burley D'Lite from 6 mos -16mos (in car seat up to 12 mos.) By 16mos, he was bored with it, so I bought an iBert. Now 26 mos, he continues to love the iBert. My younger son is now 10 mos, and I've been pulling him in the Burley since 6 mos (while the older boy's on the front in the iBert.)

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    trailer bike questions-photo-22-.jpgSpam Paid.

    I have a trailer for sale that can handle anything you throw at it!

    In WA state only.
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    I have both a chariot and a Weehoo igo.
    The chariot is not as long so is a little easier to steer around things and doesn't feel as much like you're driving a truck with a trailer. also because it has 2 wheels you do not feel the weight of it on your bike which is nice. You do need to be careful because they can and will flip over if you don't pay attention. A big plus is that your kids can play with toys and such in the trailer while you ride.
    The Weehoo igo is the coolest thing out there for a kid with only a few things that i don't like about it.. I really feel the weight of this on my bike and at 30lbs it is a good amount more than my bike so it is there for sure and it is LONG with very wide cornering. I use a hard tail but because of the way it attaches to the bike (on the seat post) if your bike is FS i would think you would need to increase the psi in the shock to use it as opposed to the trailers that attach to the QR on the rear wheel and do not affect it.
    *Weehoo recomends the passenger should be at leased 2 years old and 36in tall so keep this in mind.

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    Not what you're looking for but this bike seat looks cool! Mac Ride - A Unique Child's Bike Seat for Riding Off-Road by Glen Dobson ? Kickstarter

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    Well. Before you decide to go off roading with the chariot, even a CX model. Place a small camera in the chariot, and either try to view the video, or try and record the child. them cute little shocks might help. but.... the reality is. It is a very rough ride.

    Mac Ride - A Unique Child's Bike Seat for Riding Off-Road by Glen Dobson ? Kickstarter

    is an awesome Idea, although I feel the need to point out htta it has 100% ripped of
    Little Ones Come Too™ Child Bike Seat, Child-Accompanied Cycling
    That is no longer in production and never was available in NA.

    I did find an awesome one earlier but it was like 5 grand will go looking for it now.

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    I think I found it ,just need to find out what it is now

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