Just came back from an overnighter w/ the kid. We had a great time!

BUT.... Barging the BOB trailer full of an entire family's worth of stuff 2,000' up into the mountains is seeming pretty darn easy compared to hauling the kid these days.

Unfortunately trips like this are WAY beyond her ability on her own bike at this point- unless we were willing to endure an entire day of crying and meltdowns, and even then I'm not sure we'd arrive at our destination- so we're entering a crux here.

We've got the original single speed folder TABs. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to a larger wheeled/multi speed model, or if we should just put up with it for now with the knowledge that she'll start to be able to get her own bad self to the end of the line soon.

She's 8, will be 9 in September, and very skinny/small/shrimpy.