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    Pedal Recommendation?


    I'm looking for a kids sized pedal that is more beginner friendly (think cruiser bike style). My son has the Spawn Banshee, but the aggressive tread on the pedals hurts his shin when his foot inevitably slips off. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    I picked these up for my 10 year old on a 24" bike. They're relatively inexpensive and pretty indestructible.

    Gusset Slim Jim LB Pedals > Components > Pedals > Platform Pedals | Jenson USA

    The pins can be removed or reconfigured as needed. Also, try picking up some flat pedal friendly shoes like skate shoes with grippy soles.
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    You can't beat plastic BMX pedals for price, durability and shin-friendliness. Unless your kid is riding a lot of bony trails in muddy conditions, there's really no need for pinned metal pedals IMO
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    Lewis has a set of ebay specials that were cheap and light

    Light weight kids pedals | MTB mumblings

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    Pedal Recommendation?

    I have the Free Agent Mini Pedals on my kids bikes. Really pleased with them and the price is right.

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