I'm going to try my hand at building some wheels for my son's new (to him) Marin Hidden Canyon. I've got a set of XTR M950 old school hubs that I'm going to use from my late 90s hardtail. They are 32H hubs and I found these 32H rims on Jenson:

Sun CR-18 BMX Schraeder Valve Rim > Components > Wheel Goods > Rims | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop

I'm new to building wheels and I want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything about these rims that would make them unsuitable. They're ISO 406 with a 22.2mm width. I plan to use them with 20 x 2.1/1.95 foldable Kenda small block eights.

Is the width okay? They say they are rim brake compatible. Have I missed anything?

I need to order/buy spokes from a BMX place as they're too short to be carried by the MTB places. So I know I'll need nipples, spokes and rim tape.