• 01-16-2013
    Ok, got the 24" Hotrock..now what
    I tossed it together tonight (eBay) and first thing I want to do is add discs (may get my Elixirs so I can upgrade!) and a real set of wheels/tires. Who makes a 24" pre-built disc-ready wheelset? I can build my own wheels and may have to go that route. Is the dropout spacing the same as a normal adult mountainbike so that any hubs will work? Looks like a good little bike, just need to get the weight down some.
  • 01-16-2013
    I built my son 24" Sunringle Rynolites on XT hubs. Spacing is 100 and 135.
  • 01-16-2013
    On yeah... And I put Maxxis Snypers on it for tires. Not the lightest things ever, but they seem to work really well.
  • 01-16-2013
    Small Block 8 and Schwalbe Mow Joe or TableTop tires.

    The stock rims might be single wall rims (double check), if so, they will be around as light as you can get.

    Trigger shifter! Pretty sure any Shimano trigger will work with the rear derailleur. The grip shift is hard even for an adult to shift & the trigger is more intuitive.

  • 01-16-2013
    Yeah. Mr P is right. My 8 year old's bike is 1 x 10 with Sram X7 shifter and derailleur. Works way better.
  • 01-17-2013
    How about a Spinner Air Fork?? Much lighter has a rebound cartridge with lockout and you can set the air pressure to match your childs weight. Let me know.
  • 01-18-2013
    Dirt's FSR
    if you are going to go disk why not look at a decent 26" fork - stick to one in the 63-80mm range and you wont end up with a huge geometry change -

    I added a RS Duke U-turn to my sons Hotrock FSR -

    wheels - look at Velocity's Aeroheat rims - they make 24" with non machined sides - lace them up to your favorite hubs and go - way nicer than anything you are going to find pre built in a 24"