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    Looking for very small adjustable quality helmet

    My 8 year old daughter has a statistically very small 19.5 inch (50 cm) head, which is very small. I want a helmet with an adjustable size using a dial or similar, but all the youth helmets ratchet down to about 20 inches and are a tad loose. I don't like the 'infant' helmets because they seem to have just an elastic in the back which I don't like.
    Any suggestions on a very small quality helmet?
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    My daughters (5 and 7) have Giro and Specialized helmets which have the adjustable back strap. No issues getting them to fit correctly.


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    Try Lazer Nutz helmets - self adjusting and excellent protection.

    Nut'z |

    Their P'Nut range is also self adjusting and even smaller sizing

    P'Nut |

    We have been very happy with our sons nutz helmet. It doesnt move around on his head and he can put it on and off himself easily with the magnetic catch.

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    Looked at Lazer but the auto-adjust sometimes has problems according to some posts.
    Ended up getting a Giro Feature
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    We have a Specialized that is 50-58cm and is great. Strap adjustment is perfect and has a dial. Previously had a smaller Giro that we outgrew. The Specialized is nicer. Has foam that sticks out as far as a visor to protect against faceplants, too.

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