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    Leopold Porkstacker

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    This is the demo bike from my lbs so it hasn't been fully customized yet. It currently has a really short 45 stem and too narrow bars.
    He is 4'6" with really long legs and the bike is an XS Mukluk.
    I believe that i will make the following changes to the bike when we own it:
    1 wider bars: The bike was set up with some kids bars and they are too narrow for my guy and we prefer backswept bars, I have a spare h bar or some on-one marys.
    2 lighter tires: 60 pounds of kid can ride the nates at 2psi, but I can save over a pound per tire going to the big hit pro 3" tires that I have been saving since 2002. I also have some snowcat rims, but i don't want to take away the feeling of rolling over everything.
    3 1x9: 60 pounds of kid cannot push the big gears, so there is weight to be saved by losing a big ring and derailleur.
    4 shifters: the sram triggers are hard to work with mittens on. I have a Sram grip shifter, or i may get creative.
    5 shorter cranks: I am not sure how, the current BB is isis and I don't know of any kids isis cranks. I may just break down and get a square taper BB or shorten the stock cranks. Ideas?
    He can climb better and ride as fast on the fattie as he could on the stock Marrin Bayview and he rolls over obstacles much better. He is built for distance, so he was in no danger of wheelies any time soon and the bigger wheels help compensate for that. I thought about modding the Marrin like yours, but i was going to need to buy a bunch of stuff that I didn't have in my parts bin. Also, i ride on snow a lot more than i ride on dirt and we ride a lot of rail trails that have loose surfaces and big gravel.

    If I knew how, i would break this out on a separate thread.

    Cool! Thanks for all the info! As for shorter cranks, not sure how short you are looking for but I know that the Raceface Atlas setup with 100mm BB come in 165mm length crankarms. I also ride fatbikes (started with a Pugsley last year, now Im on a 9:zero:7), and am looking forward to the day when I can fatbike with my sons.
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    I think 110 bcd limits me to 32 or 33 teeth, he probably needs more like 22 or 23 teeth to get any kind of hill climbing. I am seriously considering Profile Racing cranks even though they cost a fortune. I may also see how he copes with the long cranks.

    My son runs 160mm Middleburn cranks with a 104/64 spider & 32/22 chainrings. These are light & not very expensive. His are Square BB, I know Middleburn does ISIS BB but not sure if thats offered in the 160mm length. Don't waste your time looking for these everywhere, mtbtandems is the only place that I could find them.
  • 12-20-2012
    Sweet pics guys! I can't wait to start modding a bike for my little girl. She loves bikes and loves going on a ride with daddy.

    Her bike:

    Wanting to ride daddy's bike:

    Us going on our evening ride:
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    Marin Hidden Canyon
    Thomson seatpost
    RaceFace 60mm stem
    Shimano PRO carbon riser bar
    Sram X7 grip shift
    Sram X7 rear derailleur
    Redline 140mm cranks
    ESI grips
    Salt Jr. brake levers
    Salt Jr. pedals
    Shimano SLX/ Sun CR18 Wheelset w/ red anodized spokes
    Kenda Small block 8 2.1 tires
    9spd Sram Cassette
    Avid 2.0 V-brakes

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    Great Thread
    When I get in a few more posts, I've got some pics of my 2 1/2 yr old in some single track action shots on his strider
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    He's 13 here in October 2012 on a bikepacking trip to Beef Basin. Been doing adventures with him since age 6.

    45 day tour of the Rockies in 2009:

    Just had to comment on how awesome this is. Inspiration to take my 12 year old bikepacking come spring. He's stoked and so am I!:thumbsup:
  • 12-21-2012
    Christmas came early at our house since we have to hit the road tomorrow.

    Anyhow, this is just a test ride but here is our son's first Mountain Bike. It's a 7spd ridged frame w/ 24" wheels from Trek. He just loves it! Santa even through in some DH body youth padding :D

  • 12-25-2012
    A bike that DS and I can share until he is tall enough to need a larger size (then it's ALL mine!!!):
  • 12-25-2012
    Picked this up for my 9yr old. He's fairly tall for his age, and is a total badass helleon on two wheels. He's fast as all get out with this thing.

    Will post pictures of him and I riding as soon as we get the opportunity to get out to the trail.


  • 12-27-2012
    Racing the setting sun home after some nice single track:

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    New 24er for my oldest boy
    I literally made a 82.7% (24/29) copy of my normal 29er geometry. Except foralittle less BB drop to make sure that there will be clearance with 150mm cranks. 135mm cranks on there now...hoping he'll get a couple of years out of it. The bike works great for him.

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    Xmas gifts. They love it so far and cant wait to hit the trails again.
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    Bunch of awesomeness in this thread. :thumbsup:

    My little guy is creeping up on 9 now. He's been better than me for a few years already.:o

    sunday river a couple seasons back on his Hotrock.


  • 01-08-2013
    We did a family ride this past New Years day with my sis & her husband. I brought my two boys who have been riding for a full year now & they love it. Luckily, we have a local group who coordinates youth races during the summer & fall. It's been awesome they really encourage young riders to his the trails hard!

    New Years Ride 2013 on Vimeo
  • 01-13-2013
    Skinny boy with his (ours, until he is big enough to need his own, which will likely only be 1-2 years from now) fat bike!
  • 01-27-2013
    My riding buddies.

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    Her first 26", age 9
  • 03-03-2013
    My 8 year old on her 20" Specialized Hotrock
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    Where do we mail father of the year to?

    Seriously though, I'm so jealous. That is totally awesome.
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    Where do we mail father of the year to?

    Seriously though, I'm so jealous. That is totally awesome.

    Definitely awesome, but I am more thinking he gets kid of the year. Thanks for the props.
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    Re: Kid's Mountain or Road Bike Ride Picture Thread
    Well spring is nearly here, and the races have started...

    My daughter tuffin it out...

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    My son giving it all...

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    About a month ago I decided to gamble and buy bikes for the entire family. Well, I won. The family loves MTB'ing.

    Here are some pics from our ride this afternoon at Sycamore Canyon in Riverside, CA

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    My 14 Year olds new build
    I got my hands on an old 2004 Brodie Thumper to build up for my 14 year old son. He had a Cannondale Trail 6 but managed to put a huge dent on the top tube... needless to say I figured he needed something a little more robust. Thus the Brodie rebuild. Just finished it so he hasn't had a chance to get out on it yet.

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