The last half of 2013 was a big year for me in terms of mountain biking. It's not really a case of how much I accomplished, but rather that I accomplished anything at all.

I did a moderate amount of riding back in my adolescence and teenage years. I enjoyed it immensely, but upon moving to a "flat" state (Florida) for college and not having an easy way to transport my bike, I kind of fell out of biking for a long while. But last year, at long last, I stumbled upon some folks at my church who rode MTB and after more than a decade away from the sport, I was getting back involved!

In the later half of last year I upgraded to a new bike for myself and started making trips every couple of weeks to a local trail. I wish I could have gone more, but I rarely had the time. Not long after, I talked my wife into letting me buy her a bike too. She doesn't ride much at all (only three times all last year), but we're working on that too. And then in the closing month of the year, our two young nephews also decided they wanted to get in on our bike trips, and so this year for Christmas, "Santa" brought them both mountain bikes to hit the trails with.

And so we begin a new year. Now I've got my hobby back, a fitness goal, and not just one but FIVE different people that I ride with on different occasions. Now is the time to make hobby into habit! My goals for the new year are to ride AT LEAST once a week, to try out a couple new trails (I've only been to two different trails in 2013), and to get the wife and nephews out as often as possible, hopefully at least a half dozen times over the course of the next few months. I tried to go today to get things rolling (but fast-moving weather put a damper on those plans). I'm not into racing or the real extreme stuff, but rather just going out and having a darn good time. I'm not making any resolutions to try to ride better/faster/harder this year; In fact, I'd rather not hurt myself trying. Instead, I simply want to ride more often, and to enjoy as many of those rides as I can with the people I enjoy spending time with. Now THAT is what I want to accomplish this year, and a resolution worth keeping.

Wish me luck! And I'd love to hear what your riding goals are for this new year as well!