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    Help with rear axle rebuild, old Hotrock 20, 6 speed.

    Help with rear axle rebuild, old Hotrock 20, 6 speed.-specialized_hotrock_kids.jpgGood morning, I am hoping that I can find someone that can help me with a step-by-step on how to rebuild the rear axle. This past weekend, while changing the rear tire I saw that the axle was very tight and that I could see the ball bearings inside of it. Figuring something was wrong, I tinkered with it...but after a while it seemed that the bearings/etc were just too far gone to fix. Unfortunately, I don't know the simple stuff. For example, I don't even know what the part is called and therefore can't order a rebuild kit. If anyone could help, I'd be grateful.

    My questions are:

    - does anyone have step-by-step repair/rebuild instructions?
    - what part would I order? The axle set (bearings, etc) itself seems to be the problem.
    - best question is is worth rebuilding or do I just buy a new wheel? Of course then I'd have to learn to change out the gear sprockets.

    I apologize for being so clueless. Hope to hear from someone soon!

    p.s. the photo attached isn't of the actual bike, but it is a photo of the SAME model that I found online. I thought it might be helpful to show what model bike it is.

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    Help with rear axle rebuild, old Hotrock 20, 6 speed.

    It is pretty simple. The axle unscrews and comes out (you may need to buy a cone adjusting wrench to get the lock nut loose, bike shop will have) , then the seals pop off with a screwdriver. Your bike shop will have the bearings for less than $5 out the door (take an old one for sizing). Clean out the old grease and run a new bead in the race where the bearings sit (I like philwood, but any will do). Put the bearings in (grease will hold them in place), gently put the axle back in and tighten until there is no play.

    You may find the race is pitted, which will make the bearings feel rough. If that is the case, loosen the axle slightly so there is just a little play. While it may feel a little rough, my experience is for a kids bike they work fine and will hold up just fine.

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