Front brake for BMX mini?

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  • 06-23-2010
    Front brake for BMX mini?
    My son is on an bmx mini. They dont have front brakes. There is a hole drilled in the fork for a caliper brake but no support for cantis. He is really at the point where he needs the front brake. Problem is that the minis are really odd sizing. I tried a v-brake adapter with another mini v-brake but that doesnt fit (looks like the adapter has to be sized for the mini specifically).

    I guess the best option would be to find a frame builder to braze on some canti mounts to his current fork. other than that, what are my best options here?

  • 06-23-2010
    Check out this ad.
    The guy put what looks like road bike brakes on this mini redline.
  • 06-24-2010
    Our mini redline came with a front brake. You can just make it out in this picture. It looks like a standard old school sort of brake. The arms on a road bike may not be long enough to reach down to the rims.

  • 06-25-2010
    Road bike sidepulls...
    .....come in short, medium, and long reach. Measure the drop from the hole in the fork to the braking surface on the rims and you can order the one you need.

    I installed a Nashbar branded medium reach sidepull on my son's Proline Mini fork. Worked like a charm.

  • 06-25-2010
    A long reach dual pivot caliper brake for a small rider would probably work just fine.