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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenMAUW View Post
    .......The battery on my scale is dead so my scale is just flashing low...urgh. I got a weight of 28.8# before it said "LO" which could be unreliable in that state as previous experience says it is. It has reflectors already on it (wheels, seat and handlebar) which I didn't remove to weigh. I know Giant's Austrian site says it's 12.55kg.
    Wondered if you had a chance to check weight?
    I'm surprised it's that heavy given good parts spec.

    Not that it matters much since I can't get in US anyway (I tried and my dealer said they can't get it at all) but unless I'm mistaken that's close to 3 lbs heavier than a trek superfly disc and 2 lbs heavier than specialized hotrock disc.

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    I haven't had a chance yet. We were out all day last Saturday and it rained all Sunday with risk of hail so we had a vehicle in the garage blocking access to the bikes.

    I did get new batteries in the scale but I swear the thing isn't giving me reliable numbers on anything. I need to test it with something that the weight is known, but my mind is blanking on what I have that I can use.

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    Gallon/liter of water in a plastic bottle would work.
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    You're scale is probably off. If we go by the 12.55kg figure which converts to 27.67lbs, that would mean that your Zero is heavier by over 1lb. That's probably not likely imo.

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