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    Fat bike kid Tag-a-long

    Anyone here mess around with trying to mod (or build) a trail-a-bike with 26" x 4.0 tires?

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    To answer your question directly, no, I haven't.

    I would imagine modding would probably require completely chopping off the rear triangle and rebuilding. Then doing something weird with the cranks/bottom bracket to get everything to clear. Like using a 127mm with a square taper, or using a modern 2 piece with a crapload of spacers (which may or may not be a great idea). Seems completely doable, but would cost $buxx unless you've got a bunch of skills yourself. (You know bowhunting skills ... computer hacking skills ... framebuilding skills)

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    Out of curiosity, why do this?
    Doesn't seem like there's anything to be gained.
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    May I ask why you want a 26 Tag A Long. We have had two Tag A Longs. both were factory built. The one we currently have has been out of production for many years and took a while to find. It is maybe the best design for true off road use.

    You may want to use the Adams hitch assembly and design. Actually, you may want to find a used Adams and cut off the front tubes and graft them onto your desired fat bike rear end.

    For ideas, here is our setup
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-img_1176-copy.jpg  

    Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-img_1721copy.jpg  

    Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-img_0884-copy.jpg  

    Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-img_0883-copy.jpg  

    Reps! We don't need no stickin' reps!

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    Fat Kid Tag Along

    I already posted these at FatBike Forum, but a few other viewers on this thread might like to see.

    This is a custom rig a fabricator made for me. It has NO PEDALS, just a platform that my kiddo stands on, he can stand, sit, lean, jump off and run/walk a section.

    We ride far more difficult trails than we can on our stock Adams Trail A Bike.

    The overall bike length is 10-11" shorter. It is half the weight, and the 19 x 2.5 trial tire can be run around 2-5 psi. We've even had to ride a few miles fully flat, and it wasn't half bad.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-11700939_990546687633132_2306439311769179883_n.jpg  

    Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-11825914_997290300292104_7660245095529493265_n.jpg  

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    fat kid trailer

    Another shot of the Contraption
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fat bike kid Tag-a-long-11700939_990546687633132_2306439311769179883_n.jpg  

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