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    Adult Woman's Bikes for Kids?

    I was wanting to hear people's experiences with transitioning kids into adult bikes. My son is now 11 years and 53" and getting too big for his 11" Specialized Hotrock (24" wheels).

    We have been noticing that WSD bikes are often easier to find in smaller sizes. And have better components than the larger kids bikes. What is it that makes it woman's (not boy) specific?
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    My best friend growing up(who happened to be a guy) had a girl's Huffy Savannah til he was around 15. I had a Giant Yukon and Sedona in men's geometry. Both were fitting for our sizes. When he got asked why he had a "girl's" bike, he said "It's a lot nicer when I slip off the pedals. I'll bet yours isn't as nice to you". That and it was ferarri red.

    Ultimately it is what you make it. Frame sizing for low standover doesn't automatically make it girly IMHO, but colors and model over-marketing can make it less crossover friendly. If it fits though, ride it for what it's worth.
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    The main thing is that the top tube is typically slightly shorter because, on average, women have longer legs and shorter torsos than men of a given height. Other things like seats for women's anatomy, and controls for smaller hands help differentiate "WSD" frames from the "standard" counterparts. Typically, womens specific frames don't go into the bigger sizes so much because women are usually shorter than men, but also a 5'10 woman often times has no issue fitting a typical frame.

    I have yet to do it, but I have a small santa cruz juliana waiting for my son after he grows out of his 20" bike in a couple of years.

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    I have my son on a Orbea women's specific frame and it works GREAT!! I highly recommend it!! He is the same height as your son and rides a 13.5" women's frame. I am currently building up a Ghost 34cm for my daughter who is currently 49".

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    My kid is a girl.

    When she was 10 we put her on an extra small (13.5") Myka.

    It was white and yellow. The top tube was a little swoopier than a men's bike. But I don't see why a boy would have a problem with it.

    Differences between a women's bike and a men's bike can include...
    - Smaller (boys are smaller than men)
    - Different geometry (human geometry overlaps more than it's different*)
    - Adjustable brake levers for smaller hands (boys' hands are smaller than men's)
    - Lower stand over (supersedona covered that)
    - Saddle for wider sit bones and different "parts" (this you might want to swap out)

    * I'm a woman and ride a men's bike (and a men's saddle for what it's worth)

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    I have looked at this as well. The women's bikes are a good choice for a boy, who wants a nice FS bike early in their riding years. The only thing that you might have to address are the paint schemes....Flowers are hard to pass-off as skulls, he might notice.

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    Thanks all for the great insight. Sounds like there should be no problem, as long a the bike actually fits him.

    FYI, he has his eye on at Trek Skye SL Disc, 2012 I think. Black with blue highlights... not too "girly" in his mind. I am still looking for something to show up on Craigslist that is a little higher end.
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    My daughter is an inch shorter than your boy and rides the 14" frame 26" wheel Kona Fire Mountain. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the stem to 65mm. She loves it.

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    My 9 year old has a 13" Myka too. She is 4' 5" and she is comfotable on it doing light XC riding. Bill

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    this is in fact the route we are going. my boy is 49" and I'm not gonna waste time and money with a 24". Now we're looking for that women's frame with the lowest stand over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hozzerr1 View Post
    this is in fact the route we are going. my boy is 49" and I'm not gonna waste time and money with a 24". Now we're looking for that women's frame with the lowest stand over.
    I'm getting my 8-yo girl a Specialized Myka 13". They have a blue bike that I can't see where it is girlie at all (luckily, blue is my daughter's favorite color, so we don't have to get some foofy flower-power decal-covered bike). The Myka seems like a great choice for any kid, with a good mix of components, low stand-over, and nice looking but not set as girlie. Only thing about the Myka is the saddle is very much girl-specific. Maybe a LBS would swap it out for a boy's seat, as it seems the Myka seat would be something that would have demand for the other way around, where girls are getting boys bikes.

    I'm leaning toward the v-brake model over the disc model, as we can save a significant amount of money, I believe it is lighter, and we just don't have the long, steep downhills around here that would make the disc more suitable. It also is likely we will be upgrading the forks at some point anyway, and at that time, I can put on better discs. Wondering what you guys think between the v-brake and disc brake decision for young riders (in this case, an 8-yo girl, tall/strong for her age).

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