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Thread: Azores

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    Anyone been riding in the Azores? Might be planning a trip there next summer and if there is some good riding, it would be a shame not to take the bike. Can't seem to find much information about trails and accessibility.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Yes Azores is beautifull!


    I think you can rent bikes over there (don't expect great bikes! call them):
    Nature Tracks Tours Azores
    Rua Sa da Bandeira n 013
    9500-775 Ponta Delgada
    Portugal Tel: +351
    Picos de Aventura - Animação e Lazer, lda.
    Hotel Marina Atlântico
    Av. João B. Mota Amaral
    9500-767 Ponta Delgada
    Telf: +351 296 283 288
    Fax: +351 296 283 291
    Tlm: +351 912 525 356 +351 912 525 360 +351 912 525 249No website
    Nuno Vasco Carvalho
    Rua Antonio Joaquim Nunes Silva 55-A
    9500-002 Ponta Delgada - S. Miguel Acores
    tel/fax 296 628
    Geo-Fun, Animação Turistica, Lda.
    Av. D. João III, nº 47 - 6º Drt. Sul
    9500 - 310 Ponta Delgada
    Phone: (+351) 91 993 15 62
    Fax: (+351) 296 098 470

    PS - go thinner, in order to eat all the good things you find!!!! Chesse... some cookies and cakes. Also, don't miss Peter's Cafe and drink a GIN and eat their fame toasts

    ENJOY and visit Portugal (Continental - you won't regret!)

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    Also... Try Scuba diving!

    Although it is not MTB, it is worth A LOT!!!!

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    Which island ? Been on Faial, they bring you up a mountain, do a trail, then down.
    I however lend a bike from a local, did the Caldera footpath, that was fun.

    Oh, and search with Acores, not Azores.

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    Smile Ride In Azores

    Hello there!

    I'm a frequent rider in trails of azores islands. Now i'have dicided to open a rental bike business to share the love for riding with our frequent tourits in the islands, so if any anyone wants to come here and need some tips or a bike i can help!

    You can search better in our website bike-rentals-azores or send me a message

    I hope i can help you about riding in our islands, i wil give frequent news!


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