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    Passing in Enduro racing

    If racers are started on 30 second intervals, and you catch the guy ahead of you, should he automatically let you by? These races are won and lost by seconds. How long should you have to follow a slower rider before you force the pass?

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    If you are passing someone, then that person is no longer racing you and should let you pass as soon as it is safe to do least i would.

    That said, its best to be as polite as possible when passing someone. Try to give them a heads up as soon as you can, and dont forget to say thanks. They might be having a pretty rough go if they are getting past. Also make sure that if they arent looking at you as you pass them, you let them know what side you are going to pass on.

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    I've passed and been passed on stages. I knew the guy behind me was strong and fast when I started the stage and about half way down it (30 minute stage) I could hear his bike coming up...once I knew he was pretty close, I looked for a spot for me to slow and get over, and told him to go by...he said thanks and that was that.

    The guy I passed was a non-issue, since he blew a turn as I was coming up within 10 yards or so and I didn't. I tried to give a word or two of encouragement, however.

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    Yes I have passed a few people on stages and only once was there incident. I was still in the first 20% of the stage on a fairly steep decend with switchbacks and well my voice doesnt carry that great and to make it worse it is hard to scream loud when you are at 8000ft and gasping for air yourself. I called out and slowed a bit and the rider did no or technically could not get out of the way enough to pass so I had to slow down to the point where I had to jump off my bike to get through a corner and he jumps on his bike and proceeds to take off in front of me again.. at this point spectators were yelling for him to let me pass (Bummer) I had to now force the pass and I did. I did see this rider at the next stop in the series and made sure to steer clear...

    At this last race that I did there were about 200 participants and the gave different colored number plates to each class participating Pro/Expert/Sport/Beginner and that made it nice once we were on stages 2-4 because you could make sure you were grouped with racers you wanted to start behind or in front of.

    Like JQ Said that alot of the top riders in each class are only seconds apart so getting as clean of a run as you can is important.

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    We did a race on the weekend, a guy from our riding group caught up to a guy and said "when you have time can I get past?"
    and got the response
    "You can try if you want"

    I have never caught anyone or been caught, but there are some real arses out there.

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    Passing in Enduro racing

    I organize a small enduro race in the midwest. I always try to make it clear at the pre race meeting that the faster rider has the right of way, so the rider being passed needs to do everything they can to get out of the way. I haven't heard of any major problems. We have been using one minute start intervals and the longest stage is around 12 or 13 minutes.

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    Passing in Enduro racing

    I have raced a series in Belgium this year. We had the same numbers throu out the series, i just happened to start behind a group of lady's every time. They were pretty good but i ended up having to (try) to pass 2 to 6 of them per stage. They were chilled about it, but it always takes up loads of your time and speed. As i have no chance on a podium (series is with martin maes as his dad is the organizer and those guys are rather fast.....) i just politely ask to pass at a wider spot. This sometimes takes quite some time as the tracks are mostly tight. Some passes were nice and fast, braking late in a corner and cutting it tight and even some passes because they were riding the chicken line.

    All and all it will take you time and thus costly seconds and spots in the ranking. But it is part of the race format and you have to accept it. safety and pleasure of the other riders is more important than going from spot 30 to 28 in the overall results.

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    Never had a problem, but I know a few people that have. It is always the guys racing in Expert that have issues. Beginner and Sport seem to be very good about getting out of the way. If I did have a problem I would not hesitate to put some down in a corner.

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    A few ring a bell, most of us give a little hollar (I like hoodeeehooo!) and folks get out of the way. Only once in the Big Mountain Enduro Series last year did I have to ask twice. As far as getting passed, I try to pull over and use the fast guy (or gal) to key off of and ride faster.

    Enduro Motorcycle racing has been done on singletrack for 50+ years, I have been part of it and raced at the highest level (Six Days in Poland for the US) and we follow similar rules. You do get parked into the bushes after a few hollars if you are being a dipstick and don't get out of the way on a motobike..... probably harder to do on a pedal bike, but I bet the best pro's can block pass pretty good!

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    I've never had any problem with passing, and every Enduro/Super D I've done it was mentioned in the pre-race briefing that the faster rider always has right of way. In fact, I've had more problems passing in XC races than in Enduros...
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