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    Cheap fs enduro bike?

    Hi, I want to get an enduro MTB bike because from what I hear they can handle mountain terrain and big drops and jumps. Right? And this is exactly what I need. So is there any enduro MTB bike you would recommend between $2000/$1500. I am new to the hobby and don't plan on upgrading the bike for 2 or 3 years so I need it to be reliable and strong. I want an fs bike and I DON'T want used. I need it to be capable of handling BIG jumps and drops. I would appreciate all the help I can get.

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    Cheap fs enduro bike?

    Have you done free ride style riding before? If you expect to hop on the bike and start jumping like the pros you might be disappointed... That said there's a couple options. I would recommend looking at used (why are you so opposed to it?), but if you're sure you want new, this could be a possibility...

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    An Enduro bike is becoming the do it all ride. With improved geometries, they're good climbers and can handle downhill and some park riding as well. So if you want a do it all kind of bike, then an Enduro would be a good choice. Unfortunately, "cheap" and "enduro bike" don't go together. Many of them start at around $3000.

    That Fezzari doesn't look like a bad deal, but for me, I'd like at least a 34mm stanchion fork for rugged riding. At 140mm of travel, its probably more of an All Mountain bike than an Enduro. If you're going to be riding trails while throwing in park riding here and there, then an all-mountain bike would work just as well. I've taken my 140mm travel bike to Northstar and although it got a bit sketchy it some areas, it held up just fine. Just don't expect to be a speed demon down a tough technical section.

    You can probably find a good deal on a Norco Range A 7.2 if there is an LBS around you. They retail for $2200 so if you can get one in that $2000 range, its a pretty nice bike.

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    That Range will be hard to beat for $2200.

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    It's currently a very basic website (and I mean VERY basic), but the Deore versions should come just below $2k (for customers outside EU - with VAT deducted): Wildcard Cycles


    Edit: Shipping to the US is $100.
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    OP - find yourself a good solid used 6" travel bike. Don't spend a ton until you know you will actually like it.
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