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    Am I getting soft?

    So, being in NorCal and all excited about racing this Enduro stuff I've registered for the events as they've come on line.

    Except for Peavine. Did that one last year and was blown away by the heat and type of trail being raced on.

    I've got my gripes about N* and the crap they pull don Stage 2 last year too. (But in hindsight I talked myself in to shelving the gun and going on a rampage by reminding myself that everyone else had to endure that stage too. So that's fair. Sort of.)

    Really excited about Ashland this year too, having never been there this is a great reason to go.

    So here's my deal. I feel my technical skills are very up to snuff. But fitness just aint there. I suffered like a dog in all the hot climbing at Peavine last year. After practicing the day before, I was so shot after the climb to start Stage 3 that Stage 4 just about killed me. It was all I could do to NOT walk on that uphill section in the middle of it.

    Now this year looking at the Mendo race. They released the elevation profile for the two days. Man, wind out of my sails. I'll be lucky to finish, let alone 'race' it.
    Day 1 25miles, 4400' climbing.
    Day 2 29miles, 4900' climbing.

    Is it just me, but how many beginners are going to have fun with this? How many Sports will enjoy themselves? Sure the Expert and Pro's will have no problem.

    So, truthfully, am I just being a whiney old man in wanting something a bit less 'extreme' and more 'fun'?

    Maybe this is the writing on the wall that I shouldn't be racing. But it's a great excuse to get together with my buddies and have a weekend together 'racing bikes' and telling stories.

    Anyone else in the same boat as me?
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    I like the difficulty, whether it is skill difficulty or fitness difficulty. I think as a beginner or sport it gives you something to grow in to. Think about it if you were a Beginner but with an XC background the shoe would be on the other foot. I think its probably too late to build your base fitness up enough for the June race but the others are still a few months away!

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