I am looking to purchase a new set X/C V brake Rims as My Fuji Mtb Came with Jalco 36h rims and FUji hubs/no disc that have a freewheel.They seem very heavy and I just got a great deal on a 32h Hubs with 6 hole disc. I am wondering what is a good quality X/C 32h rim with machined lip for V brake. I just purchased the 1.85" Michelin City slicks which seem kind of heavy but their performance for pavement riding is outstanding! Their max PSI is like 85PSI so I am thinking that the Stans 355 rims would not be good with these tires as they have a PSI limit to I think like 45-50PSI.

I have been looking at the DT SWISS XR425 which I think is my best bet for quality and pricing.--> DT Swiss - XR 425

Does anyone have the DT SWISS XR425 and if so what do you think of them and also Does anyone else have any other XC V brake rims that they like and why? I am trying to get something Nice and light while also good quality, Welded though I am not sure if pinned would be more then fine as I do 95% pavement riding. Any thoughts please?