Trans Iowa slot available

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  • 03-20-2006
    Trans Iowa slot available
    Hey all-

    Recent happenings have forced me to make a decision I didn't want to make--I can't race TI this year.

    If anyone would like to take over my slot, please send me an email to:
    mike dot curiak at gmail dot com


  • 03-21-2006
    Sent you an email
    It turns out I can make this race happen in April. So CO can still be there in Iowa =)

    See if my slow but can do that many miles in that time frame, i'll have to ride fixed...

    Sorry to hear you can't ride it this year Mike.
  • 03-21-2006
    Good Idea Mike, starting a thread!
    Yeah, I need to get rid of mine also, due to some injuries.
    If anyone wants it let me know!!!
  • 03-23-2006
    Looking for an open spot
    mikesee or KonaEnduroJC,

    I've been looking around for an opening and haven't had any replies yet. With the April 1st deadline approaching, getting a bit nervous if it's going to happen (if not, maybe that's a good thing)

    Email me: