Background: Seasoned XC racer based in Colorado. Successful Sport cat 2 racer moving up to Expert cat 1 for 2013. Age 46. Goal: to peak for the Leadville 100, but enjoy racing up to the main event. Racing prior to Pb100 will be Rocky Mtn Endurance series (either the half or full marathons), Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge and selected Winter Park XC events. Broke rib in cycling accident in November, was off bike until Jan 1st. 2013 Base miles accrued in two months 1000-1100.

I want to use the Time crunched cyclist Endurance MTB plan for the 12 weeks leading up to Pbville. However, I am exactly 4 weeks out of my first race (a 40 mile half marathon in the RME series). What to do?

It seems using the spring RME as training events to spring board into the summer is a good idea. My question is: How do I use my next for weeks leading up to race 1? Should I enter into a mini-five week Time Crunched Cyclist high intensity interval program and then take four weeks away from intervals and build endurance base (leading up to week one of the 12 week program)... and race as they come up?

It's a long season and I love to race... but want to be ready for Pbville without being burnout.

My intuition says... hit the intervals now... race hard... take a month off from structured intervals one month prior to starting the 12 week plan leading up to Pbville. Follow plan to letter from there on out.

If I have this right... can you recommend intervals? or a training approach?