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    Recovery/Recoverite Question

    I'm doing the 24 Hours of Rocky Hill in a few weeks on a 4 man team. I figure each lap is going to be roughly 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes of riding. Consider each rider will have around 3 1/2 hours of downtime, what do you recommend in the way of recovery? Is this enough time to use Recoverite in between laps? I've read that the whey protein in it turns to ammonia, thus muscle fatigue? I was planning on doing this solo up until 6 weeks ago and I think the nutrition aspect was much simpler when it was just me.

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    I would recommend using the Perpetuem for that application and wait until the event is over before hitting up the whey protein. The soy protien is more appropriate for during. Make sure to start the Recoverite within the 1st hour of finishing the event.

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    As long as you can make sure that you will have at least a 3 hour window before riding again after taking Recoverite, I would use that. You might want to visit the Hammer website for more information on your situation.
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    I have participated in two four person teams and both times I used Recoverite immediately after my lap with great success. Using perpetuem would also be a good plan but if you give yourself 3 hours to digest, Recoverite should work well also. Good luck.
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