I'm planning on doing a 175 mile route in northern utah on snowmobile groomed trails this winter (Fat bike) and I was wondering how much interest there would be in building this into a group event / race.

The route is all on groomed snowmobile trails (forest service roads). There would a ~125 mile option with no road crossings and a 175 mile option with one road crossing. The route is ~80% original with about 20% of the trail ridden twice (think lollipop). The kicker is that the course is generally from 7,000' to 9,000' in elevation with tens of thousands of feet of climbing.

This would be an unsupported, unofficial 'group ride' - this year anyway. There would be five or six potential cache points. Probably early March.

There is a poll listed in the 'Fat Bike' Forum under the 'Northern Utah winter Ultra feeler' thread. Please fill out the poll there. If we get 20+ folks I think we will be able to arrange a yurt, potentially a hotel room or two and several cache's / tents along the route.

a. Sign me up for anytime.
b. Sign me up for a weekend.
c. >50% yes, anytime.
d. >50% yes, weekend.
e. You are crazy.