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    I have no clue how you guys and gals do it

    Quick background...started mountain biking in the late 80s. Rode through the 90s. Did some tri and roadie stuff. Quit riding in 2006 and just got back into it last year at age 48. I've dropped a bunch of weight and am having a blast.

    Today I completed my longest ride to date: 22.8 miles of singletrack in about 2:40. This was two laps around a local loop and at about halfway around the second lap, I was ready to get the hell off the bike. Every pedal stroke was an effort and took every bit of mental energy I had to finish.

    And you guys do this for 6 hours? 9 hours? 12 or more hours? Insane. I can't fathom riding for that long. Much respect!

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    Just keep pedaling until the end

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    You've only been riding again for one year after quite a few off; don't expect to be the old 30 year old you after just one year of riding, it'll take a couple more years.

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    Just keep moving, make sure to keep 'stoking the furnace' (eat, drink)



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    Well, if you're interested in pursuing this disease, er, I mean passion, just start increasing the length of your weekly long ride by 10 or 20% every month or two, and watch things happen!
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    Plenty of guys our age are still competitive in endurance racing; the problem is that only the gnarly hardcore bastards are still racing after about age 45 so the 40+ and 50+ age groups are really tough! As others have mentioned, keep increasing the distance of your training rides and find a nutrition strategy that works for you. Also, see if you can find a local group ride to join, preferably with some other racers in your age group; that can be really motivational (once you get over the initial ass kicking!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinGT View Post
    Today I completed my longest ride to date: 22.8 miles of singletrack in about 2:40. This was two laps around a local loop and at about halfway around the second lap, I was ready to get the hell off the bike. Every pedal stroke was an effort and took every bit of mental energy I had to finish...
    One thing to consider is mind the throttle. Don't know what that loop is like, how climbey for example. But if you pinned it at any point during that 2:40 and you're just getting back out there it could be that you went too hard for where your fitness is now.

    There's definitely a place for hard efforts, but in my (non coach) opinion, until you get to the point where a 3+ hour ride doesn't leave you completely spent, get as many chances as possible to extend the time that you are out and do your best to stay at less than 80% effort on those longer rides.

    Once you get to a point where a longer day doesn't hurt so badly, then you can step up the throttle. And it's fine to supplement the longer rides with shorter harder efforts. But my opinion is that in order to get back to a level of fitness that you're happy with, long steady days are your best tool. And it's fine to go as slow as you need to in order to stay with the longer effort.
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    i have found TomP's advice to be exactly my case. I am 43 and have been riding mountain bikes for just under two years. I have been racing this season and my biggest problem is not minding the throttle and getting burned out early on. I find a HR monitor helps me behave. Good luck!
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    . I'm in same boat. Ive been trying to increase rides. It was helpful for me to get to usual ride earlier and ride for 20-50 min before friends arrived. Then start usual ride. Now my usual ride is about 20. I'm working toward a 35 in the fall. I know I can do it. I just don't want to die at finish line.

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    Toms right on advising you to go the distance, it'll pay off. Long rides are what really helped me get back into shape. I was riding in my mid 20ís through mid 30ís. Then laid off for 7 or 8 years. It wasnít until my early 40ís that I got back into it. I picked up a good 26 FSR to ease the pains and started plugging away, increasing the mileage along the way. I was the slowest person on the trail for at least a year! Iíve spent over 2 years training and Iím running better now than ever before. Iím approaching 47 years old and riding some pretty lengthy distances on my Jet 9. Last week was my best mileageÖ266mi. My best single day was 86mi. You mentioned that youíre watching your diet. Keep it up. Iíve been on a mission this year to eat healthy and it has truly paid off. Iím riding with guys now that I would have never have been able to hang with 2 years ago. Iíve even registered for a 100+ mi event for this weekend.

    Good luck

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    How...I have been racing for 25+ years, don't (didnt) have the outright speed to win short races, but plenty of endurance. I found those guys that could drop me for 25 miles didn't have the speed to keep away for 50, or 60. Keep riding the more miles in your legs the asker longer rides will become.

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