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Thread: Ergon Saddles

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    Ergon Saddles

    Anyone ever tried one? Thoughts/impressions appreciated. Looking for a comfortable seat for long days. Also wondering on how sizing goes. The 135 mm for the small seems very skinny.

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    I have one on the Air 9 RDO that I'm building. Looking forward to trying it out! It'll be a few weeks though. I went with the large.
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    Check out this post on the SM3 saddle already going on MTBR. A lot of questions have been answered here.

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    I didn't even know Ergon made saddles! *Goes to search for them on google* .
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    I just put the large SM3 Pro Carbon on my Giant Anthem Advanced 0. No real saddle time yet but I am looking forward to putting some serious miles on it. Set up was as easy as any other saddle and I put it just a hair "nose down" as per most recommendations. Of course I'll be adjusting it as needed. It came in at 206g and added 4oz overall to my bike. Worth it imo.
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    I made the switch in October and have been really happy with it. The average ride length has probably been about 2.5hrs and the longest has been 8 on a SS. It comes as advertised: I don't feel the nose, the large size fits as well as the 143's I was using, easy to get behind on descents, and most importantly I haven't had saddle sores or anything go numb. I wish I had been running it on the 5 hour training ride I did on the road Saturday. Ill be buying one for the road bike soon.

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