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    Crested Butte Fat Tire 40 thoughts?

    My first Colorado race after riding for 3 summers in CB. Anyone who's ridden it offer advice or impressions? I've ridden Strand, Brush Creek, Deer Creek, Gothic but none of the Mt CB resort trails nor Upper Upper from Tonys to Brush Creek. Understand many rookies to the race blow themselves up on first 10 miles on the Mt CB part first 10 miles before real race starts on Brush Creek. Any advice how to approach this? Looking forward to CB Bike Week!!

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    1. Go easy early to save your legs for Deer creek.
    2. Bring oxygen

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    My memories from last year:
    Everyone starts in a huge pack with neutral roll-out, and the first climb is relatively short but steep with some switchbacks. It bottlenecks pretty bad if you're in the mix. Same with the first downhill. There was a lot of yelling and confusion on those first 6 or 7 miles about whether the group of 10 or so of us were on the right trail or had cut the course. I still don't know...

    Downhill early to the base area of CB resort then out on Tony's/Upper Upper. Fast descent, not too bad.

    Hit another climb in the aspens, this time its usually spaced out. Climb is rough with lots of rocks jutting out that require you to pick your lines wisely.

    Then down to Brush Creek and some fire roads where by now it is HOT out. The climb is dusty and no shade, make sure you've kept up on hydration.

    Then welcome to Deer Creek. You hopefully know all about that. That's when you will want all that energy you saved and your bottled oxygen. Just when you think you're done climbing, you're not.

    Good luck!

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