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    1x10 with a 33 and a 11-36 works perfectly where I am. I can keep up on the road and climb steep stuff
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    Yep, I rode a 2x10 all this race season including the 24 solo at Canmore and the Transrockies 4 day. I never really liked the feel of 2x10 right from when I got my bike and it came with it, but I thought I'd start to like it more as I rode it more. That didn't happen and I still didn't like it after the full season so I plan on changing back to 3 speed chain-set for next season.

    2x10 just seems like too much of an unnecessary compromise to me.
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    3x9 is essential for me.

    after the 7th hour i have no ego problem going to 22x34 granny for rough steep climbs. walking is a problem for my lower back. the 42x11 is perfect for catching the 2x10 riders that passed me on the climbs.

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    3x9 for me. I bikepack and can't imagine not having 3 rings up front. As for people who say they can walk faster than a rider can spin up a hill I do not think that is true Several times during my Tour divide race, I was able to ride up steep hills much faster than the single speeders who had to walk. My big gear was a 42x12 and there were a lot of times I wished I had an 11 in back but then I have to go to a 10 speed if I want to keep my 36 tooth rear cog. The 22x36 got a lot of use too.
    Now don't get me wrong, get whatever works for you. I even rode a single speed for a couple of years and loved it. I would like to get back into it, but bikepacking is breaking the bank!
    Money is to be made in the sport by offering different gearing options, different wheel sizes etc. Today's fads often become tomorrow's discounts. I even sold my Pugsley because it was a pig most of the time, handled funky and ended up not getting used.
    Now people are dropping $1500 to go for the latest and greatest gearing ever, the 1x11 set up from SRAM which still doesn't have the top end and bottom end of a triple set up.
    So yes I am still "clinging"!

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