YES! Pisgah Productions is proud to announce that a date has been set for the 2005 Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure, a.k.a. the Pisgah Death March.

On Saturday May 14th, 2005 teams of two riders will race to reach 4 of 5 checkpoints, in any order, and return to the start/finish the fastest. No-one will know the locations of the checkpoints until RACE START. There is no suggested route. Routes will vary between 50-70 miles and should take 6-12 hours to complete.

Race start will take place at the Black Mountain Trailhead in Pisgah Forest, NC. The race will be held on some of the worlds best and most difficult singletrack and gravel roads. There will be little, to no pavement at all.

Registration is not yet open. This event has SOLD OUT in the past so if you want to race you should register as soon as it opens. That announcement will soon follow.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask