• 10-19-2012
    12/8 Century at Sansom (Fort Worth, TX) aka Sansom 66

    Field is currently limited to a maximum of 100 racers because of permit limitations. We will upgrade the permit if the original 100 sells out early enough to justify the additional expense of a higher level permit with the City.

    This is a distance race with a timed cutoff(s) not a timed endurance race. Your finish will be a DNF unless all laps are completed within the allotted time.

    Solo (Elite) Century of 6 laps but with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps. I completed a lap today in 1:25 poking along since I hadn't ridden Sansom in a while. The lap GPS'd at 10 miles but GPS always loses at least 10% so I'm confident that 6 laps will get our metric century. 6 laps is going to be very tough to complete. I don't expect many solo finishers at all. You don't have to be Pro or Cat 1 to compete but we may limit this field to experienced single track endurance racers based on the technical difficulty of the course.

    Solo (Sport) Half Century of 3 laps with no cutoff time. 3 laps in a day will be plenty tough for most of us mortals. This should be an extremely competitive field

    2 Person Relay (Men, Women, Co-ed) 6 laps with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps. Relayers must alternate laps so each rider must ride 3 laps for the team to complete the course. No individual rider will be allowed to ride consecutive laps. The relay teams were extremely fun when we did Hell on Wheels at Northshore. I'm really look forward to doing another event with the relays.

    Again, this is the rough draft at the moment and details are subject to change. We will offer an early bird registration discount of some sort and I think we will only have online registration. We may limit the field to 100 racers total based on our permit with the City. We will also have some alternate day in case of weather but I'm waiting for the dorba schedule to see what dates may work for that if needed.

  • 10-31-2012
    Is this the toughest endurance mountain bike event in Texas? Many will attempt it, few will complete it. Time restrictions are tight, margin for error is slim and the course is difficult. Sansom Park is NOT your typical urban mountain bike trail. 1500' of elevation per each 11 mile lap through loose rock climbs and descents and nary a straightaway over 200 feet long. The trail is fun and challenging and we're doing every bit of it!

    The field is filling in nicely and sponsors have stepped up to take care of all participants. Thanks to Mad Duck Cyclery for their ongoing support, Zoe Fitness has cash for the fastest of the fast, RoadID is throwing us a bunch of support and Kuat Racks has guaranteed that some random attendee will score an early Holiday gift.

  • 11-01-2012
    Sansom is legit. Steep rocky climbs. Dust off yo granny gear.
  • 11-13-2012
    I'm registered. Who else is in?
  • 11-16-2012
    I am not ready for those climbs, yet.
  • 11-19-2012
    Kuat Racks is on board and we'll be giving away a Kuat Rack to a random entry. We are going to limit the field to 100 riders so you're looking at 1/100 odds worst case. I expect to sell out before day of but you never know for sure. We'll have other swag to give away also.

    Need some ladies to step up to the plate so Zoe Fitness can use up their sponsorship money. We will be announcing other sponsors along the way so stay tuned.

  • 11-20-2012
    Sounds like fun, Im in
  • 11-22-2012
    The men's relay field is filling up nicely. It should make for some great competition. Have some heavy hitters in the solo men as well. Alas, the ladies seem to be staying away at the moment. No women's or co-ed relay teams yet and no entries in solo 6 lap for the women either.

    I will throw some additional incentive out there for the female categories...any female who completes her full distance (6 lap solo, 3 lap solo, 3 laps in a relay team) will get half of her entry fee back at the event. Also, Zoe Fitness is contributing special recognition for top female effort for the day.
  • 11-24-2012
    Giving away one of these to a random participant (including volunteers). Just got confirmation that it's on the way.

  • 11-27-2012
    Coupon code mtbr saves $15 only good this week and only 3 available.
  • 12-02-2012
    Come on out to play!

    Solo 6 lap, Solo 3 lap, SS 6 lap, 2 person relay teams. AND VOLUNTEERS!

    A Kuat NV rack will be given away to a random participant (including volunteers). Field is limited to 100 riders so odds are pretty good.

    Entry fee includes BBQ and Tshirt (prereg by Wednesday morning for T-shirt) and lots of stories to tell. Finishers' memento to those who complete the 6 lap solo as well as special recognition from Zoe Fitness for notable performance male and female categories.


    Online registration only. We will NOT have day of registration.
  • 12-04-2012
    Shirt mock up, sponsor logos on the back. High quality shirt and people will know you are a badass if you are wearing one. Shirts will be ordered tomorrow so must register before then if you want one.

  • 12-04-2012
    double post
  • 12-05-2012
    T-shirts are almost sold out!

    Coupon code no shirt is a discounted $30 entry which does NOT include shirt or BBQ. Use that as your coupon code but also notate no shirt in your shirt size. We only have 25 of these discounted spots available. Day of registration will be full price if available but no day of if these 25 sell out.
  • 12-09-2012