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    What do you like about your Epiphany best ?!

    Driving back from a ride today and just thinking how good the Epi is....

    Why is it so good and what do I like about it best ?

    Its fun ? yep, sure is, puts a big grin on my face and love the way it spits you out of berms...

    Efficient ? very - no bob to talk of and its fast for a 5"+ full susser..

    Light ? - 26 1/2 lbs - would say so but without being twitchy or nervous...

    Climbing ability ? - this bike is the best climbing bike I've ever had - took it up one of the longest, steepest climbs I know today and it was fantastic - I've made the climb on other bikes but only whilst zig zagging side to side..... On the Epi I just tracked straight up..

    Descending ? - fantastic, has more ability than I do - no its not a freeride monster but its very good...

    Its even designed well - forward facing seat clamp, essential over here in the UK - and I've bought British bikes without them..

    It's easy to clean and the shock is pretty well protected - there's not many nooks and crannies for mud to hide unlike say a Marin...

    Oh and the anodzing ?? Tough as old boots, the frame still looks brand new !

    The amount of people who stop and ask me about it ? No cos I'm quite shy really !

    So for me despite all the above, the best thing about the Epi is it's just so confidence inspiring - even on days like today when my granny could have ridden better than me, I still enjoyed the ride...

    It has an amazing ability to cover my mistakes, make up for my cack handedness and wrongly taken lines...

    Todays ride could have been awful - to much Shiraz the night before and over inflated tyres bouncing of roots and rocks...

    Yet I still finished in one piece and by the end I was riding pretty damn well and starting to believe that I'm actually not bad a rider !!

    Its just a brilliant bike, involving when you want it be but relaxing and confidence inspiring when your not quite at your best.....

    I love it - not how about you ?

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    ...what else cay you really say?

    You can count the negatives on one hand:
    1. hard to see the cassete while riding
    2. rear brake cable needs another mounting point under the TT
    3. somewhat difficult cable routing
    4. harder than normal front der setup
    5. ....oop...well...thats it...i guess i'm gonna hafta lop off a digit

    I excel at the steep techy climbs, and this bike almost makes it too easy, everytime i find myself cleaning these troublesome sections i just start laughing at how silly-easy it time i can see the Epi actually making me a worse rider

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!


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    Good job! let me count the ways....

    You, justa, 'bout said it all.

    We FINALLY got a GOOD break in the weather on a weekend, so I could really wring out my Epi. Hustled down to Lake Sawyer, our local "little bit of everything" area and rode until I was too tired to even grin anymore.

    I shot off into the techy trail system, doing all the east side trails first. Wow! this is a GREAT technical bike for tight spots and swinging it around and up and down. Occasional sound of riding buddy crashing behind me, trying to keep up. ( I am really a mediocre rider.....I thought). Finally my buddy blew out his front rim with a V-brake wear through. So then I really let it loose, as he walked back with his "unrecoverable error".

    I missed a couple of spots since I was still getting the feel for the Epi....certainly NOT the bikes fault. Lines? Heck, just pick one, ANY one, between the bike and the Kenda Nevegals, I was starting to get creative on choosing lines, following those lightly traveled lines that I always wondered how people did that. Shot across all the bridges that normally I feel unsteady on or walked on my previous steed.

    Pedal bob? Oh yah, thats right I WAS riding a Spec Epic...supposedly the best hill climber and known for no pedal bob (or much of ANY shock absorption). Well I did NOT notice any introduced bob in comparison. Who is this Bob guy anyway? And climbing and hookup was BETTER the the "best climber" Epic. The Epi just CRAWLS over EVERYTHING. Only problem was that I was cranking along much faster in a higher gear or two and forgot to shift down in a couple of spots. The bike didn't lose traction, I just "lost power".

    OK, so its good for tight and twisty. How about the hillside steeps? Where previously I held my breath dropped off the back of the seat and went over, as my riding buddy walked especially that one spot.....Dang, where was that scarey steep drop stuff.....Oh THAT was IT? EASY! And climbing back up the switchbacks the only traction issues was my heartrate and getting used to the elevated front end, which I quickly adapted to.

    Then I searched out some fast downhills, swooping tightly through trees and rocks (I did trim my bars down to 25inches and was glad I did) The Epi just RAILS it on the downhills. (yah yah, I know, I am NOT a REAL shuttle or Big Air included) The only thing holding me back was getting used to the idea I could safely go that fast under those circumstances.

    Then back to dancing the bike through some more twisted trails, getting even better with the bike by the end of the ride, in spite of being so tired by then that I could hardly see straight.

    Short of doing "serious" Big Air and DownHill, this bike seems to do it ALL. Certainly all I need. 5 inches is a heck of a lot of travel and darn nice to have FULL suspension again after riding a Spec Epic quasi hardtail for awhile. "Weight" is NOT noticeable on the climbs.

    My Epi is setup up with a "budget build" and frankly that does NOT seem to be holding me back at all. Its a fine machine. The bike definitely turns heads. I have the nebula blue anodize, which is durable finish and qualifies as a work of art, IMHO. It definitely stands out around here where its mainly Kona's and Santa Cruz's.

    My medium Epi with fender and a tiny bit of mud weighs 30pounds. How the heck did you get yours down to 26.5 pounds? Are you sure you did the kilos to pounds conversion correctly? Or else you have some SERIOUS investment in light components!

    The downside:
    1) Careful about making sure the front derailleur clears the frame at FULL compression.
    2) My cheeks hurt from grinning so much. My other cheeks hurt from riding so much.

    Live in the moment.

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    TT - good stuff !!

    26 1/2 lbs ?

    07 Vanilla R's
    Sram XO trigger shifters and rear mech
    717's on Hope Pro II's
    Bonty Mud X
    Thomson post and stem
    WTB Rocket Stealth
    Avid Juicy Carbons
    XT Cranks, front mech and casette

    Not weight weenie stuff - all good durable kit, that doesn't caryy too much baggage !

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