Monday's announcement?

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  • 01-20-2013
    Monday's announcement?
    Anyone following the Ellsworth FB page? They are announcing something at noon tomorrow, any guesses what it could be?
  • 01-21-2013
    Looks like they are doing a very generous loyalty program.

    "Here's just a couple HUGE benefits to those of you who are current or past owners of any EHB bicycle:


    On any FRAME ONLY purchase; you have access to $700 off-no strings attached.

    On any 2013 model COMPLETE BIKE purchase; you have access to $1200 off-no strings attached."
  • 01-22-2013
    EHB loyalty program
    Hopefully this is a good sign. They requested a lot of input from FB fans, there were some good ideas put forward.
    looking forward to seeing whats next- longer warranty, lighter weights, 30.9 seatpost.....
  • 02-01-2013
    Anyone planning on getting a new Ellsworth given the loyalty program? I was thinking about getting an Epiphany 275 ... but I've also been leaning towards getting a Blur TRc.

    Any thoughts on the 275? I haven't seen any reviews of it and it wasn't part of the MTBR shootout.
  • 02-22-2013
    sorry i missed this