I put a similar post in here earlier to no avail, but I am going to try again. I had the first year's Moment with the original 36 at 535mm - probably more like 530mm or less after travel loss - and the bottom bracket felt too high on the bike. It was more like I was siting on it rather than in it. This feeling is born out in a recent post on here (rogue sizing post) where someone measured their bottom bracket at 14.9 inches with a 545mm fork.

I am buying a new frame after the next I-Bike (I know it is a ways off). At this point, I am going with a Turner or Ventana but would possibly buy the Moment if Ellsworth took the time to readjust their geometry based on newer generation forks to bring the BB height back into the realm of reasonableness. I would say anything around 14.0 would be right.

Has anyone heard if Ells is planning to readjust the geometry for the 2009 model year? If not, does anyone know why they don't?