Hey folks,

I've had a Truth frame sitting in my basement for a few years now that I am considering building up again for long distance XC events. I've had a love/hate relationship with this bike: it is/was a 2001 Truth that had the steep headtube angle (71.5 degrees if I remember), and in my hands it was a genuine endo-machine on technical terrain. I'm not bashing the bike here - I'm just saying that I went over the handlebars way too many times for my own personal liking. In 2004 I got a replacement front triangle and rocker arm with a Fox Float Propedal AVA shock and last year, while I had this frame at the shop (don't even remember why now...) the LBS saw a crack in the chainstay, so it was replaced with an asymmetrical chainstay.

So my question is, what is the geometry of this frame now? Does it have the headtube angle listed for the current frames (70.2 degrees)? I've gotten used to using bikes with 69-70 degree headtube angles, so I am definitely not interested in going back to the 71.5 HTA. I was looking over the geometries of several bikes in this category and the specs for the current Truth look pretty close to ideal for me. I'm hoping that my frame in its current incarnation is similar.

Thanks for any help.