Well, as they say...ugh....!
turn sout the medium is just too small. took it out for about a 6 mile jaunt as sweet as she sets up, rides, etc. its just too tight a cockpit for me at 6feet. I thought i could make it work. Tried a slightly longer 120 stem but still feels tight. most probably just because i spend so much time on my road and TT bikes...but rather than stress about it, i'll just blow out the medium and get a large instead.

So...long story short...for sale, 2008 Ellsworth Truth, size medium, black, as new (1 ride, ~10 miles).. $1700;

or, if you really want a full complete bike, and have the cash for the best, this too would be a sick good deal. $4200 for XTRm970 rfp shifters, xtr ders, industry 9 ultralite wheels, ritchey wcs stems, bars, syntace carbon post....23.8lbs fully loaded.

The ad is located here: http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showprod...ct=12257&cat=3

so, if interested, a great shot to get a new frame for wholesale, or if you awnt a complete 24.8 rocket ship, i'll do that at , actually a smidgeon under wholesale.

you can see our club's site at www.westwoodvelo.com

email me directly at steve@trademanage.com 201 602 8272.

or if someone has a large 2007/2008 truth, new, we could swap.