• 03-22-2014
    Evolve 29 sst.2 for XC racing?
    I'm currently riding an XL Epiphany sst.1, and I love the bike. I am tempted on buying a LARGE sst.2 Evolve 29er for XC racing, but haven't found much literature on people racing this particular bike. Anyone here XC race their Evolve sst.2?
  • 03-23-2014
    I've found here Ellsworth Evolve Carbon Bike Review - FeedTheHabit.com a short review. It seems like author do some kind of "XC" on Evolve...
  • 03-30-2014
    I've done a fair amount of xc racing on my Evolve 29er. The bike has never been the limiting factor in any of the races. Imo its a great bike for xc race & trail fun.
  • 05-11-2014
    I use my Evolution for xc including a 9 day stage race. Think of it as a long legged xc bike, it's very comfortable and effecient.