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    Is this even a truth? E-Bay

    Not that I am buying, but I was crizzing e-bay and say this "multi material" Ellsworth Truth..

    It has an Ellsworth sticker but it is either old or not one at all. a carbon rear triangle on a truth? and the rear Shock mount would have to be an old design..

    Just wondering... guy is a marketing madman got it over $1,300 now..

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    Its a real Ellsworth. Looks to be a late-ish 90's 'Absolute' Truth - a Truth with a CF rear triangle. I can't remember how much that cost when new, but it did command a several hundred dollar premium over the regular Truth. I have a late 90's Truth that still rides great even today if not for some play in the Horst pivot that I can't seem to get rid of.

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    Wow, and that even looks to be in good condition.

    I recall in 2000, the Absolute truth being available...but I have poor knowledge before that. That was when I started shopping for one.

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    Dam that thing looks mint, he writes like a mills & boon writer, dam good marketing... Looks to be a nice example..... Not correct in saying that Ellsworths have the best resale value of any mtb frame or bike.... But have had what I would deem very good resale on my 2 Ellsworths....

    Mint looking bike......
    The_Lecht_Rocks: whafe - cheeers - may i offer an official apology for the wagon wheeler "dis-belief"

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    Yea it looks nice, I had a 2001 Truth, but that shock mount was not the same as mine.. interesting looking bike, he has not abused it for sure..

    And the guy should write PR for my company..

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    Sweet - that's a used bike. it's cleaner than when i got mine built up!

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