Greetings from Bend, Oregon!

This year is our 4th Annual Ellsworth Riders Weekend Tour taking place July 27-29th. The tour is limited to 24 riders, which includes Tony Ellsworth!

This year's tour includes riding the McKenzie River Trail, one of Bike Magazines Top 10 Rides. The other two days will include lesser known trails, but still rippin amazing riding in the McKenzie region. This includes the O'Leary/Ollalie connecting trails that were built by the Conservation Corps in the 30's but disappeared under overgrown plants for decades (seriously). This year is the first year the trails are back to riding condition and we can't wait to share them with the Ellsworth crew (our first tour on the trails ever!!!)

The tour will include amazing food by a very popular Bend chef, Matt the owner of Marz Bistro. Also included is camping along the McKenzie River, beer by Deschutes Brewery (unlimited!) and much more..

We just went live with the tour and already 10 of the 24 spots have filled. We would love to have you join us, so please contact us to register. You can see additional information about the tour on our website here: Ellsworth Owners Tour with Cog Wild Bicycle Tour & Shuttle.

Looking forward to riding with the Ellsworth gang, I too ride an Epiphany and love my bike!!
Melanie, Co-Owner of Cog Wild