• 12-06-2012
    Johnny Hair Boy
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    Christmas present to myself
    Here is my Christmas present to myself. 22.75 pounds.
  • 12-07-2012
    johnny thunder
    Stunning bike.
    Looking forward to your ride impressions. It certainly built up light!
  • 12-07-2012
    Johnny Hair Boy
    I had the bike out for its first ride today. I couldn't push it as hard as I wanted with snow and wet leaves on the trail but it felt good. I know this sounds like a smart ass remark, but it rides like a lighter, stiffer, faster evolve. They give you 2 options for the internal cable routing. One lets you run full length housing and is super easy to set up. The other more refined way with interrupted housing takes some patience but nowhere near as bad as a Niner. This is my first Rock Shock since the mid 90's and I love how the fork felt and I am glad I opted out of the Fox. The AM classic Wheels are flawless and very light. The Woodman 134 gram seat post scares me a bit but I will see how it holds up. I will run thinner, lighter tires in the summer, I don't need 2.35's but they were what I had in stock at the time so I tried them. I have been riding my 34 pound fat bike for the last 6 or 7 weeks waiting for this bike to come in, and getting on this bike after that made me feel super human. I am a spoiled bike shop guy who gets to ride almost everything out there and I have never been this impressed by a first ride.
  • 12-07-2012
    Hope I feel the same when i get my 1st ride.Mine will be done in the morning going for a ride Sunday.Went XX1 so can't run my A/C race wheels yet.Bought a sram rise 40 for rear until american classic has freehub.Also went with 2013 rock shock fork sid 120 to match 120mm rear.Frame was 5.74lbs
  • 12-12-2012
    You must have been a very good boy this year - nice ride!
  • 12-13-2012
    Sick looking bike.
  • 12-13-2012
    Really nice...
  • 12-19-2012
    ^^^ reported
  • 12-23-2012
    Bad ass bike. :)
  • 01-05-2013
    Ooo I like a lot !
  • 01-05-2013
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    I rode my Evolve C for the first time today and bike is awesome. Enjoyed it more than the Epiphany, Evolution, and Evolve AL.

    Gotta love the Christmas season...