I'm trying to install disk brakes on my 1997 Truth, which has old-style 22mm Hayes mounting holes on the seat stay instead of on the chainstay which would have been typical for that application. I'd like to use a modern 51mm IS bracket, but I can't figure out what sort of adapter I need.

Here's the bike:
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I bought the adapter below without looking at it closely enough...
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...but it's not right, obviously. In addition to the angle looking wrong, it would position the caliper too far in-board, even if I could get it bolted on:
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I've found images on the internet of the following three 22mm adapters, but they appear to be discontinued, and I'm not sure if any of them would have been correct anyway.
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This one, from a2z, is readily available, but I've only seen photos of it used on the chain stay application. It looks like it will give me a better side-to-side position than the one I have, but it looks like it will locate the mounting holes at a simmilarly goofy angle. Plus it looks kind of cheap.
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Before I order another adapter that I can't use, does anyone have any insight or experience with this? Thanks!