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    '98 or '01 Truth frame for full-on XC racing?

    Okay, I'm looking for some good advice and experience on this big decision of mine. I race XC (sport class, hoping to move up this year, fairly competitive, I like to think) and have been riding an '01 Truth for the past 2 yrs. I previously had a '98 Truth from a good friend (with whom I've lost touch - if you peruse this website, Bruce - aka Red Ellsworth - email me, okay?), one of the best FS bikes I had ever ridden (had that from '01 to around '04).

    I got an '01 from a guy used 2 yrs ago, awesome deal (yes, I knew about the cracking issues, it only cost me $600 so I figured it was worth it since it had maybe a couple rides on it - as new). Call me vain, the '01 is flat black and silver, the '98 is red and black. I liked the stealth look. Thus, the '98 went to my wife, so its still in the house. However, I definitely notice that the '01 feels more sluggish right off the line at the start of the race. Feels more like pedalling in sand, actually. I figured going to a stable platform rear shock would help, and it did, but not enough.

    As Truth afficionado's know, the older style had shorter rockers, making them less plush but better overall for efficiency in pedalling. They had bushings instead of bearings, though. So, there's definitely some trade-off between these frames.

    Well, I'm wondering if I should think again and go back to the '98. No, I'm not getting older/slower and thinking "its just the bike - I need to switch!". Fact is, I'm in way better shape now than yrs ago (not bragging, I'm no Elite/Pro rider, but I've got a little more time to ride and have dropped 20 lbs since making the frame change). I just would like to hear from others about that sluggish feeling when trying to accelerate, if I should switch and go with the old. Bruce (first paragraph, sorry all for going on and on) said I shouldn't make the change (more because the '98's were hand-made), and I'm wondering now...

    A bit more info - I am currently building up a light HT (9.8, should be sub-21 lbs) for quicker courses, but am addicted to my FS Truth and will likely race/ride that primarily. Whichever Truth I go with, it'll have stable platform front and rear (Manitou Swinger, or else Fox or 5th Element rear, Manitou R7 '06 front) with light components bringing it under 25 lbs for sure (XTR, Cane Creek Team wheels, Frog pedals, fair amount of carbon, Marta SL's, etc).

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'm wondering what others think about these options.

    Other questions that may come up - is there an option to put bearings in the '98 instead of bushings, and would this be advantageous? Has anything changed with Truths since '01 in terms of geometry, shorter rockers, etc., to make them more efficient (other than stable platform, which works for all options)? My sense is that the Truth has evolved into more of an epic, 24 hr race machine, rather than a full-on XC racing rig, is this incorrect? Does that mean the '01 is more suited to that style, whereas back in '98 Tony was more looking at the XC market?

    Wow, I've written a lot more than I thought I would. Hopefully someone reads all this and doesn't mind giving their perspective.

    Thanks for any input, I'll post this in XC as well just to cover that side.

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    I can't help you on most of your questions.
    Just one thought or so though......

    Don't the Turner Trolls come in here regularly BRAGGING about their Turners having bushings instead of bearings, saying bearings are a bad thing?

    i.e. maybe the bushings are not so much of a down side?

    Sluggish off the line sounds like maybe you still need to play around with the rear suspension? Obviously you have already put some serious thought into it, but it does seem like playing around with settings on the rear shocks can make a HUGE difference in that "sluggish" feel. Hopefully others have some good specific hints on that.

    How about tires? Have you switched tires when you made the change? Sometimes its not JUST about the weight of the tire.
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    I was thinking that...also, choices for rear shock XC racing...

    I was wondering if bushings are actually possibly advantageous for XC racing - kinda like built-in damping. But really, that is like saying stiction on a fork is kinda like a stable platform, isn't it? Other than weight savings (which would be minimal - even a weight weenie like me looks for function over weight savings when it comes down to something this small) I can't think of any real benefit if the bike is set up properly for stable platform. Which is what I think is the problem - the rockers are longer on the newer frames, so they are more plush. Its more set up for enduro nowadays, isn't it?

    Any other thoughts? Also, I know this is a huge question, but what do people think is the best rear shock for XC racing (not comfort, but performance)? I have the option of either a Fox Propedal, Manitou 3-way swinger, or a 5th element. All air, of course, all versions of stable platform. I expect varying opinions, but I'm looking forward to hearing from others as to experience, best setup, etc. I've got all three shocks sitting here, I can try them all over a few weeks come spring, but I'd be interested in hearing what others think.

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