The hours for the trail day will 9am till 4pm .
You do not have to commit to the whole 7 hrs though .
If you can only do 4 hrs or what ever , then that is fine as
some help is better then none at all .

The meeting spot will be down by the bike wash area by the pavilions .
A small intro to tool use, signing liability (there's that ugly work again) papers
and then off to the chosen work site .
We will car pool to the nearest access point to the site .
As there are a few spots that need some "help" , weather and number of workers
will determine where we go .
If you can't make the 9am start , but still want to attend , we will post cell phone
numbers and you can call us when you arrive and we will tell you where we are on the
trail .
Call before you get to the Park .
Depending where we are , you can park at numerous spots around the trail ie: parking lots on
Rebbeca Rd. , side of the road on Thorndale Rd. , Cottage Rd . etc .
Late comers may want to bring your bike as it will be quicker to get to where we are .

GETTING INTO THE PARK : No need to pay to get in if you don't have a season pass .
Just let the gate attendant know that you are there to work
on the trail . Mike Knox will notify them that we are coming .
WHAT TO BRING : Safety shoes , clothes that don't mind getting dirty/sweaty , small lunch,
water , rakes/shovels (if you have any) , gloves .
WORKLOAD : 7 hours doing trail work may sound like a lot but believe me , the time flies
and it will be quitting time before you know it . I think it has to do with seeing
progress/improvements on the trail that you will be using .
It's a real feel good situation !!

Please post up here so we have an idea of how many will be attending .
The amount of volunteers will determine what section(s) of trail we work on
and for how long .

- Craig