I guess two points to this post.

First I'd just like to raise awareness. I've put together three 5 person and three 10 person teams for the Summer Solstice. A close friend of ours suffered a spinal cord injury while mountain biking near Bronte creek last fall and is now a paraplegic. (He wasn't doing anything extreme, the kind of fall that happens all the time, only this time didn't end right). Long story short, he's a paraplegic so we're raising money to help him and the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

So if you can help out a fellow biker, your donation is appreciated. My page is www.rideforrob.ca/brian - I pray you'll never need the services of Canadian Paraplegic Association, but great organization if you ever do.

Secondly, one of my 10 person teams needs 5 more riders.

We'd appreciate if you try to help us raise money to support Canadian Paraplegic Association. Certainly before offering to join, please take a look at www.rideforrob.ca to understand our primary goal.

Your portion of the registration fees/admin is $110 per rider. You also get a Ride for Rob jersey if we get your jersey size in time for the order.

Contact brian at rideforrob dot ca if your interested. The team is essentially all friends and colleagues of Rob looking to raise money, have fun and support a great cause, it is not a competitive team.


Brian Bourne