announcement. finally!!!!

Alright folks you have all been holding on for a long time, thanks for your patience. I hope this is worth the wait for you! Website is still being worked on and i just need some more pics and stuff to add in there. Once it is done you will find links to videos, pics and bio's. I will make a sponsor list available very soon. But we have found some out side industry sponsors to help us out and of course Banshee has stepped up in a huge way. There may be some slight changes to this list as things develop.

Personally I would really like to thank every one who sent in a resume or a quick email of support. You know who you are and I really appreciate it! There are a lot of super talented riders here in Ontario and I will certainly see you on this hill. Feel free to stop by the pit anytime for help or a pint.

A-team (not trade marked) The folks on this portion of the team will all be flying a 2009 Banshee Legend MK1. They are part of a select group of rider who are lucky enough to test this DH specific racer and help to refine the design for the 2009 production year. Their input will go directly into next year s version! Think about this, you could be riding a bike next year that riders in Ontario helped refine, I think that is a big step for our little mountainless community.

Matt Zdrulik; Pro/Elite.
If you don't know who Matt Z is, then you must not race in Ontario. Matt killed it all season long in the O-cups finishing first overall last year in JR X. This will be his first year pro and he is fully poised to be a podium threat at the Canada Cups this year after finishing 59 overall in Elite Under 23. Not bad for only finishing 2 races and being a JR.

J-P Crepeau; JR Expert.
If you race DH here in Ontario then you will definately now the quiet and soft spoken JP and it is likely at some point he has completely blown your shoes off! JP had great 4th (JRX) place finish at the second CC and will be participating in all the CC races this year.

Rob Fraser; JR Expert
I expect to see JP and Rob in a battle for top place this year in JR X. Rob, almost outta nowhere had stepped up from sport to expert half way through the season while racing 2 classes. Super well rounded rider with a massive bag of tricks.

Dirt Bags, and I use the term loosely! These are the folks who are the pillar's of our community and the folks who show up for build days and to all the races and just make Ontario a more fun place to ride. PS; they are all fast!

Mike Pelangio. Senior Expert/
We all know the friendly moose from North Bay! Mostly because of his super clashing pink gloves, and his super fast practice runs. Wink

Jeremy Lavigne. Master 30-39
No relation! Jer is a super competitor in both DH and 4X! Well know for his absolutely awesome trails! Yes we will be doing team training there!

Chad Hill, Master 30-39
Hillbomb is well known for his sparking pedals and blistering race runs. always a podium threat and sports a wicked pony tail!

Kristen Courtney; Elite Women
New to the scene and fast enough to take a podium spot twice last year. She personally told me she will take the top ladies spot from Shelia this year! Wink
Just kidding, I said that!

John Scharff; Team Mechanic and sometime racer.
John can fix a set of wheels almost as fast has he can ride them, or break them. Now after 48 years of racing John will be mellowing on the race course a little, but not in the pits! (DirtBag tittle does apply here)

Sport riders. Just like it sounds. Super fun folks to hang with and love to race just as much as the rest of us!

Trevor Cook. Senior Sport DH and XC
TTT loves to bomb down the hills just as much as rip up them. You can find him and almost every race in Ontario! My porcupine riding buddy, where riders become men.

Dustin Leclerc; Senior sport DH and XC
Dustin is well known around the XC and 24hr side of things and has committed to doing his first full year of DH. We plan in whooping him into DH form in short time.

Ben Dupont. Junior sport DH
Benoit travels all the way from Sudbury with JP as well as trains and rides with him all the time. Look for him to kick some butt once all the training starts to pay off.

Brad Zdrulik. Cadet?
We just know he is the next big thing and will totally pwn his older brother in a couple of years, once he starts to grow. So we are banking on him now!