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    OT: Second PSA In Two Days

    So, I was down at the border this morning, renewing my work visa. It was busy. There were many people talking to various agents. Finally, it was my turn.

    I unloaded my two giant reams of paper on my agent and all of a sudden the K-9 unit bursts into the room. The agent handling the dog shouted to the two young men next to me "Are you sure you've declared everything in your vehicle?!?" (me: WTF? )

    "Um, sure, I guess."

    "Then what's he smelling in there? This will be easier on you if you tell us the truth!"

    Suddenly, the two guys (early twenties, slightly scruffy but well dressed and clean) were being put in hand cuffs.

    "Do you understand why you are being detained?"


    And the pair were quickly escorted into the interrogation room.

    As I sat and waited for my paperwork to be processed, I could pretty much piece together what was going on. One agent returned from outside with a big bag of grass and "paraphernalia" as a second grabbed a scale (presumably to verify if this was going to be simple possession or something more serious...).

    After about ten minutes (did I mention visas take a while to process?), one of the young guys was escorted into second room, visibly shaken but not quite in tears.

    Finally, my visa was stamped and stapled to my passport. I was free to go.

    As I walked back to my car, I could see the vehicle in question, a clapped out green Ford Ranger with its contents strewn about like it had just been brutally tortured.

    I don't know that these guys were riders, MTB or otherwise, but the way the back window of the truck was covered in DC and Monster stickers, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that they were.

    My point in all this: smoke weed if you must but for goodness sake, don't try to cross the border with it! It can't possibly be worth the trouble if you get caught!
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    I'd say Brett Tippie learned about that one first hand 15 years ago...
    Olympic snowboarders arrested on marijuana charges - Las Vegas Sun News

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerius View Post
    I'd say Brett Tippie learned about that one first hand 15 years ago...
    Olympic snowboarders arrested on marijuana charges - Las Vegas Sun News
    Minor little detail...Tippie and company was not crossing the border during that incident. It was a traffic stop by a local sheriff. So more likely that if they had the stuff it was picked up after they crossed the border.

    Though it should be noted the year this occurred was prior to the heavy border anti marijuana enforcement we know of now.

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    Scent-lock bags are great for biking & camping in bear country and for other stuffs

    Those guys weren't the sharpest of cogs from the sounds of things...

    Odour Proof Barrier Bags - Mountain Equipment Co-op

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