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    mods for kids bike

    I just got my son set up with a 20" wheel bike this year. While it's a good bike, it came with a few problems. The lowest gear combo was 36-28 which just isn't low enough to get up much of a hill. And, the front fork was a bit oversprung, somewhere in the 60-70 lb/in range if the sketchy documentation is to be believed.

    The stock single chainring was spotwelded to the crankarm so needed a replacement crankarm to get a lower chainring. I drilled a new hole on an old sugino crank and cut off the end to get a 140 mm length. Replaced the original 14-28 freewheel with the well-known 14-34 'megarange' freewheel. Combined with a 30t chainring, that will provide for 30-34 a big improvement climbing hills.

    Ordered some lighter springs and elastomers from mcmaster in the 30-55 lb/in range. I may have to try some different combinations to get something optimal. The springs come out the top of the fork crown so they're easy enough to change back and forth.

    We're riding the road apples trail and the beginner stuff at joyride. He seems to like it so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay. View Post
    I just got my son set up with a 20" wheel bike this year. While it's a good bike, it came with a few problems.
    Nice mods. I remember going through a similar process trying to set up one of my kids with a decent rig without spending a fortune. I found a stock solution with very nice 3x8 gearing and very manageable quality drivetrain and other components, except perhaps for the fork which may as well have been rigid! Then again, at the weight of my kids they were more likely to see "suspension" out of tires inflated more relative to their very light weight, rather than the recommendations on the sidewalls.

    Unfortunately, that was a quite a few years ago from a company that no longer exists. Kids' bikes are a real head scratcher sometimes and options are often poor as even your mods are beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of people.

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    I don't know why but I especially like the crank mod. Nice work!
    Please enjoy seeing this terrible collection of me - something wonderful is about to happy.

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