Tired of waiting a week to get your bike back from the shop AND paying top-dollar for tune-ups that aren’t perfect? Ladies; tired of feeling taken advantage of? If so, it’s time to give me a call;

Minor & Major Tune-ups
(Both; road and MTB)
Free pick-up and drop-off at Durham Forest!

• Guaranteed turn-around for your next ride!*
• Repairs done by a meticulous perfectionist.
(Local Uxbridge mechanic and MTB racer)

Minor Tune-Up:
- Complete drive-train cleaning
(including both derailleurs)
- Complete drive-train lubrication
- Front and rear derailleur adjustment
- Adjust headset
- Check brakes
- Check spokes
- Adjust tire pressure to personal preference
$40 (plus any necessary parts)

Major Tune-Up (Everything in Minor Tune-Up, plus):
- Complete bike cleaning
- Hub re-pack and adjustment
- Bottom bracket adjustment
- Wheel truing
- Brake adjustment
- Torque-check every but and bolt
$80 (plus any necessary parts)

Other services include; brake bleeding, new part installation, suspension set-up and basic bike fitment.

* Two day minimum if no parts needed. Call Dan: 416-697-6389