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    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)

    The Newfoundland T'Railway is a 900 km long linear provincial park created from the former railway line that ran from end-to-end of the province. I recently rode the entire length on a fatbike in ten days. The T'Railway is the playground of ATV's and snowmobiles - I hope to inspire more people to ride it.

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-gopr0572.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-009.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-051.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-059.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-093.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-116.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-223.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)-cbn-271.jpg

    You can read more here: across newfoundland by fatbike | slow:biker

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    I am jealous. That is the best trip/biking adventure that I've read about in a long time. Absolutely amazing.
    Cheers, Dave

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    read the blog...fantastic trip!!...loved the pics too! do you ride any of that rail trail in winter too, the sleds must groom it perfectly for the Pugs ?
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    Just went through the blog as well. Great trip!
    I'm craving the trip i have planned in September.

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    BCD - haven't ridden the T'Railway in the winter (yet). The T'Railway is closed to motorized vehicles between St. John's and Foxtrap (about 40km) and we have other places in the city that are good for winter riding. But I am hoping to get out to central NF this winter where they get a lot of snow and give the T'Railway a try.

    To the others - thanks for reading and for the positive comments.

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    Interesting story! The pics are great too.

    I love the old trains and bridges
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    Thats awesome!
    I've been thinking about doing that trail as well. A great way to see a different side of the island!.

    Thanks for sharing
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