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    Tell Us About Your Biking Background

    I am reading a lot of e-bikers vs mtbs on here and it struck me that there are a lot of assumptions going on. I suspect that most "e-bikers" are also regular mtbers.

    So let's share our stories...

    I am 53. Been mountain biking in the UK since '86 worked as a sales rep for a bike company in the past. Fulfilled a dream and went to Whistler last Summer. Bikes I have owned include...

    Muddy Fox Monarch
    Marin Eldritch Grade
    Dawes Edge
    Kona Cinder Cone
    Ellsworth id
    Turner 5 Spot
    Santa Cruz Solo
    Scott Spark
    Scott e-Genius

    Currently own the 2 Scotts and the Solo.

    So why an e-bike. Well I don't cycle in the winter, I run my own business and have limited time. At my age I notice my fitness takes a hit over the winter and spring is no fun. My heart rate is maxing out too often which concerns me and I tend to spend the spring riding my local loop (12 miles 1200ft) until I feel fit enough for longer steeper rides.

    I tired an e-bike out of curiosity and it solves a number of issues for me.

    1) I can ride at an effort level I choose not one chosen by the terrain/my fitness.
    2) I can ride for as long as I want wherever I want
    3) I want to improve my downhill skills and an e-bike lets me ride more of that terrain as I am not getting wiped out on the ups.

    Am I no longer a mountain biker? Definitely not. I will always have a non e-bike as long as I can ride and I imagine I will ride my non e-bike more than the e-bike once my fitness returns.

    So what about the rest of us?

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    Early '90s for me.

    His and hers steel-framed Saracens from Hellfrauds lead to
    Proflex 856
    '95 GT Zaskar LE ex-GT Team rider's frame, built up with parts from the Proflex.
    '97 Club Roost VCV
    Then a long break as family life took over before I restarted, mainly to improve my fitness for scuba diving;
    '11 Spesh Camber Comp
    '16 Nukeproof Mega 275 Race
    and finally;
    '17 Trek Powerfly LT8

    I've still got all the bikes except the first two. SHMBO rides the GT and mini-me rides the Spesh.

    I bought the eBike because it's fun, fun, fun! I get more riding done in the same time and have way more fun doing it. I have Sciatica and osteoarthritis so a high intensity ride on the clockwork bike leaves me immobile.

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    Also started in the 90s. Took short breaks from cycling but mostly stuck with it. 2007-2016 was almost entirely on the road bike.

    Currently focusing on DH and crit racing. Two seemingly different race disciplines that carry over well.

    I've narrowed my training to indoor rides on a smart trainer, 3-4X a week (60-90min per session) in the early AM, plus one 3-4 hour outdoor ride on the weekends (either road or MTB). I also weight train 1 day per week - full body, but with an emphasis on deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

    My active recovery is on a Specialized Kenevo, 2-3X a week in the PM. I get my DH training without affecting my structured interval training.

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    I'm 44. Been riding and loving all things MTB since '89.

    Too many bikes to list have come and gone out of my garage (mtb, road, gravel, old school bmx race etc). My mtb stuff started with an 89 Miyata Elevation which later got a rad Tioga disk wheel. Loved me some Tomac vs Overend battles! Had their race pics allover my wall as a teen in my room.

    I live and ride in the Canadian Rockies and can tell you that my Scott E-Genius 720 Plus has injected new life into my riding. Not a fan of "turbo mode" but feel Bosch Eco / Trail modes gives me all the assist I am good with while still keeping my fitness in check.

    I have a life outside of riding (wife, 6 year old daughter, dog, business etc) that leaves me with about 2 open slots per week (3 if the stars align) in which to head up into the mountains to get my ride on so the E-Genius gets me to more places in my allocated ride time. That to me is what its all about. More places, more views, more climbs and more smiles in the same ride time.

    I love this bike. More importantly, my now asthmatic lungs love this bike. I can't wait to see how Class 1 e-bikes keep improving in specs, geometry and handling as time goes on.

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    I'm 31. Grew up racing BMX and Motocross.

    I've only been big into mountain biking for 5 years.

    Trek superfly
    16' stumpjumper
    16' specialized demo

    Bought the levo carbon comp after suffering on climbs and the thin air that Colorado has to offer. Best thing I ever did. I'm riding 3-4 times as often and double to triple the miles per ride. I've dropped 18lbs since buying the bike. The e bike allows me to enjoy all aspects of the ride. Not just the descents. It's almost impossible to not have a smile as I ride it.

    Wife has the same feelings. The weight and plus tires have really given her confidence in the rocks and descents. We started going to bike parks in the mountains to avoid the climbs. Now we can ride locally have a blast.

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    Been riding since 1988. MTB became life. All other aspects of life revolved around MTB's. I was involved in this website heavily back in the day..back when it was a tiny little board without many members and most people posted in "Passion". I helped organize and attended the first group rides, May by the Bay out in San Fran/Marin. Jim Thorpe MTBR ride in PA etc.

    Used to travel to the big races to see people like Tinker, Tomac, Overend, Furtado, etc race and ride and often raced and rode alongside them. Racing was cool back then.

    I've been there, done that, raced it, rode it, seen it, coast to coast. Fun ride. Endurance ride. NORBA races. 24 hour festivals. All of it. Had a factory ride for a brief moment in time but didn't go far because my "real life" job took off.

    I had reservations about ebikes at first because I bought into the BS being posted on social media, and having never ridden one....I had no idea. Being open minded, I gave one a try. I've now been riding an electric MTB for a year. I personally think they're they're the best thing to happen to the sport since suspension. Game changer.

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    ^Funny, I started riding mtbs in 1988 as well. Never went as hardcore as you did. My two wheel racing days were 6-16 racing BMX. My older brother raced the Mtb nationals and was NYS champ twice. I did have a beer with Tomac in Mt.Snow at a National my brother was racing though! Stopped racing bmx, hit the half pipes, then back to mtbing in WNC. Motocross was a huge part of my life with personal tracks etc. Then was in the Forestry lumber industry for most my adult life. Love ALL bikes, cycles, boats, pretty much anything with or without a motor and wheels. I ride Ebikes for fun and something refreshing. Iím soon to be 48 and feel great!

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    First MTB in 1990. GT Tequesta. After that was stolen, I have been a Specialized Guy. Levo allows me to do training rides with high school and college age athletes, as well as the "guys without real jobs" in my age range. I'm in my 50s and aside for a few extra pounds, post physio test scores in the top 5 percent of people my age. So eBikes aren't about addressing a disability for me. They are a training aid. I currently have access to "quite a few" other bikes, but my top two are my personal StumpyCarbon and my Levo. Different tools for different days. The Levo is a miracle. Best thing since the heart rate monitor, IMO.

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    I'm 51 and been biking all my life (I live in S. California). I have 4 bikes: Road, FS mountain (Yeti ASR5), hybrid, and cargo. Decided to get an e-bike because sometimes I need to go somewhere and not sweat (get a haircut, go to dentist, meet friends for dinner, etc). Bought a trekking bike (Haibike) to experiment. All I can say is WOW! Completely changed my mind on e-bikes. You can get a very good work out or none at all! It all depends on the way you want to ride.

    For example, I can ride the same canyon roads 3x faster. This means I can go much further than before and get the same workout.

    Anyone who knocks it is someone who hasn't tried it.

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