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Thread: XTR Front Der

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    XTR Front Der

    As I was installing my front dérailleur I quickly notices scrap metal coming out of it as i was clamping it down. I did not come close to over tightening this so i guess the screw was going in crooked. Can you buy a replacement part for this or do i need to buy a completely new dérailleur?
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    Two possibilities

    If indeed you did cross-thread the screw, the bad news is that the threads are on the main body of the derailleur, which means a new derailleur. If you could find just that part, it would probably be fairly expensive and would require that you completely disassemble and reassemble the derailleur, which leaves lots of room for error.

    The second option is that you might actually be ok. You're threading steel into aluminum, the threads are not chased before the part is put in the box; unless you saw a large amount of shavings come out, or the screw turns without tightening, you're probably ok.

    If it were me I would just put it back on the bike and ride.

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    I thought the XTRs had the little nut on there that the bolt threaded into? Maybe not.

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    If you cross-threaded a stripped, there's a chance that you might be able to insert a helicoil. Or just use a nut on the other end.

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